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Pastor: Rev. Jon Evans -  jturtle@machlink.com
2018 Elders - oversee the on-going ministry of the Church:
Clerk of Session: Tammy Edwards - tedwards@louisacomm.net
Membership & Fellowship: Yvonne Kerr -
Building & Grounds & Education: Roger Delzell - fupc@louisacomm.net
Mission: Leota Pilling - leendee46@gmail.com
Worship: Bob Nolan - bob@bobnolan.com
Memorials: Lee Harris - fupc@louisacomm.net
Finance & Stewardship: Bob Buckman - rbuckman@louisacomm.net
Finance & Stewardship: Terry Johnson - antt@mepotelco.net
2018 Deacons - care for the concerns of the people of the Church:
Amie Herrick (no email)
Bonnie Kimble (no email)
Pauline Metzger (no email)
Clerk of Session:
Tammy Edwards - tedwards@louisacomm.net
Pamela Butler - bpfi@louisacomm.net

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